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New tracks and campsites

4x4 Tracks

We recently repaired tracks that have been closed for years - some are now partly passable by 4x2. You will however require a pioneering spirit to enjoy the solace of some of the more remote campsites - be prepared to do some challenging 4x4 driving.

See the "where we are" section for more on these.


There are also several hiking trails within the conservancy, and knowledgeable, well trained local guides are available in both Kuboes and Eksteenfontein.


We have six simply equipped campsites within the boundaries of the World Heritage Site - each in a spot which generations of nomad herders favoured as a seasonal stop over. To minimise our impact, an absolute maximum of 3-6 cars are allowed in each place.


Near Eksteenfontein, the Nama Stad provides overnight accommodation in traditional matjies huts and a group of local women cook Richtersveld food in their "Kookskerm." A days' walk from there, Rooiberg offers more conventional accommodation, and at Basterfontein there is a basic overnight hut for up to 8 people. The towns of Eksteenfontein and Khuboes also offer various accommodation options.

More information

1. For details of the campsites, as well as roads in the WHS, download this PDF.

2. More information on Rooiberg and Kom Rus 'n Bietjie guesthouses on their website: htp://

3. Our two sister sites also have information on the broader Richtersveld region:

What else...


The Richtersveld is an arid mountain desert region with daily temperatures which can vary dramatically through the seasons and from place to place. It is a land of extremes with temperatures ranging from freezing in the winter months to up to 50 degrees C during the summer. Most of the Richtersveld receives winter rainfall, generally between May and September, but occasional summer thunderstorms occur in the mountainous regions. The climate and winter rainfall are regarded as primary reasons for the region's unique biodiversity.

Phones, fuel

There is no fuel available in Eksteenfontein or Khuboes. Fuel is available in Vioolsdrift, Rooiwal, Steinkopf, Port Nolloth, Alexander Bay or Sanddrif. There is now cell phone coverage in some of the Richtersveld, but not yet in Eksteenfontein, and certainly not within the mountains of the WHS! (Pay phones are available in Eksteenfontein).

Potential reading

Richtersveld - the land and its people (2007)
Author: Francois Odendaal and Helen Suich

Richtersveld, The Enchanted Wilderness
Author: Graham Williamson

Tracks and Trials of the Richtersveld
Author: K.W. Reck

The Four Wheel Drive Trials of Southern Africa
Author: Andrew St. Pierre White and Gwynne White

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Information Offices:
Tel Khuboes: 027 8312013
Tel Eksteenfontein: 027 8517108